Painting and Decoration Services in London

Build in London specializes in all of the painting and decoration services you would need in your home or office.

We provide the following home services

Interior house painting London

Whether you`re just repainting a bedroom or giving the whole house a brand new makeover, come to us for the best painting and decoration services London can provide. With decades of experience, Build in London painters and decorators are fully qualified to ensure you get a superb, blemish and drip free finish. Why do it yourself, when we can do the job in record time? We`ll save you time and money, and remember, time is money.

Exterior house painting London

To protect the outside of your home from damp, water damage, harsh weather, or corrosion throughout the winter, simply get in touch with us for a no obligation in-home consultation. We`ve invested in the most up to date equipment so you don`t have to. A team of expert house painters choose the best paint for your individual job needs, to give your house a durable, watertight finish. They also come with a ladder, and fully comprehensive insurance cover, so you don`t have to worry about them falling off of it either. Simply relax as we give your house a flawless new look that`ll make all the neighbours jealous.

Damp treatment London

Let`s face it, some houses are just prone to damp. It`s not your fault. You might have done everything you can to try to stop it, and it still comes back. We understand this and so we offer damp treatment as part of our painting and decoration services. We don`t just paint over the top like some other companies might. We eradicate the damp problem from its source, ensuring that it will not come back next year, saving you a fortune in the long run.

Woodwork: The expert staff of Build in London is fully qualified and experienced in aspects of woodworking, from basic waterproofing treatments to the most elegant glazes and finishes. Whether you want to give your wood surfaces the aged look or a sparkling new finish, call us and we`ll have the right person for the job.

Wallpaper stripping London

Wallpaper stripping can be a tough job, and it`s easy to get frustrated and leave it unfinished, or to end up damaging your home. Why not save yourself the blood, sweat and tears, put the kettle on and call the professionals. We`ve been in this business for years and know all the tricks of the trade, from chemical stripping to good old fashioned steaming, to get the job done smoothly and quickly.